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🆕 This Week in IC – w/c April 15th

ft. the launch of our lightning fast, next generation Catalog Manager tool and two new Merlin importers

🆕 This Week in IC – w/c April 8th

ft. bug squashes, new/updated importers, and a FARQ (frequently asked royalty question)

🆕 This Week in IC – w/c March 25th

ft. crunchtime, payee FAQ updates, a new Light in the Attic importer

🆕 This Week in IC – w/c March 18th

ft. a mechanical rates tool update and a change to how reserves are displayed in the system

🆕 This Week in IC – w/c March 11th

ft. a guide to merging releases and tracks within Catalog Manager

🆕 This Week in IC – w/c March 4th

Including a guide to accounting for starting balances, the answer to a frequently asked question and a new LabelWorx importer.

🆕 This Week in IC

Bulk Importing Mechanicals, PPD, and Reserves rates; a new doc for sales tax, shipping, or fulfillment fees; a new importer Spotify Discovery Marketing (Merlin)

🆕 This Week in IC

Pre-filtered views for Release and Track transactions, better cleanup for Secretly Chargebacks, and new/updated Merlin and Morr Music importers

🆕 This Week in IC

A guide to fulfillment expenses, importer updates, discounts on historical income 🤑

🆕 This Week in IC

#1 as in it’s a new post format, we update all the time 😉