“completely vital”
“we spent years searching for this”
“an absolute life raft”
Catalogs of all shapes and sizes — run by record labels, managers, artists and publishers — use Infinite Catalog's all-in-one software + service to get royalties done, keep everyone in the loop, and get everybody paid.
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✨ IC accounted for over 61 million transactions in 2021, including more than $21.4 million worth of income ✨

Captured Tracks
DFA Records
Don Giovanni Records
Father/Daughter Records
Firetalk Records
Kill Rock Stars
Solitaire Records
Sooper Records
The Software

The music industry changed, but your tools haven't.

Earning income from music has never been easier, and keeping track of it all has never been harder.

Catalogs are spread across different distributors, webstores, PROs, and a hundred other platforms. You've got expenses, advances, and splits to account for, and you need a way to keep track of everything that isn't just endless spreadsheets.

With Infinite Catalog, it all fits together. Now you *and* your artists finally have a way to see the whole picture.

Admin Dashboard
Data Sources
Track Dashboard
Catalog Manager
Payee Dashboard
Admin Dashboard
The Service

Experts come with.

The music industry landscape is always changing, and it's a challenge just to keep up.

It's not always obvious how to handle things — sometimes you want to talk it through with someone who's been there, seen that, fixed the problem.

Say hello to the Catalog Services team, friendly and knowledgeable humans helping you build your catalog with confidence. We've been doing royalties for over a decade (before we built IC, we did it in spreadsheets — for a DIY option, check out our free statement template + guide).

All Aboard

We help *everyone* get started and make sure your catalog, contracts, and payees are set up properly from day one.

New Crew

A dedicated account manager + access to the entire team means you can always get a second (or third) opinion.

Beyond Tech Support

Experience matters. Everyone on the Catalog Services team has been doing this for 10+ years. Before it was cool.

The Testimonials

Catalogs that use IC change for the better

Here are some very nice and barely prompted things people have said about Infinite Catalog's software + service.

“This team is an absolute life raft.”


“We spent years searching for something like Infinite Catalog.”

We Are: The Guard

“Provides a whole new level of transparency that we're proud of, a significant talking point with potential signees.”

Sooper Records

“Does the work that we don't have the time or math skills to do.”

Beyond Beyond is Beyond

“When you start a label you also need to be an accountant — IC does all the heavy lifting.”

Whited Sepulchre Records

“Pulled us out of the dark ages with new tech and refreshing transparency.”

Pack Records

“We love the clarity IC gives us, and how easily we can keep track of everything.”

Hand in Hive

“Helped us see emerging sales patterns in real time, and the transparency has given our artists super valuable insight into their releases.”

Fire Talk Records

“A treasured resource and completely vital.”

Grind Select

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