Refer a catalog to IC and you'll get $100 in cash, and they'll get up to $100 off their first bill.

That's it.


  1. Have a catalog book a demo. In the "How'd you hear about us?" field, make sure they say "referral" and provide your email address (we'll only ever use it for this purpose).
  2. If they sign up, we'll reach out for the best way to transfer you your $100.
  3. When their first bill is calculated they'll receive a $100 credit (or the full amount of the bill if it's less than $100). Once it's paid (or redeemed), we'll send the $100 your way.


Do I need to be a current customer?

No, anyone and everyone can participate in our referral program.

How will you send me my $100?

Paypal, venmo, ACH, or whatever is easiest for you.

How many catalogs can I refer?

As many as you like.