🤑 Referrals

Refer a catalog to IC.

They do a round of royalty statements, you get $100 cash, they get $100 credit.

That’s it. 💸

How It Works

  1. Send the catalog to our home page and tell them to get a free trial or demo. In the “How’d you hear about us?” field, have them say “Referral: [your email address]”.
  2. They sign up, and run their first round of royalty statements (minimum 6 months’ worth of data).
  3. You get $100 cash, they get $100 credit towards future IC bills.


Do I need to be a current customer to refer a catalog?
No, anyone and everyone can participate in our referral program.
How many catalogs can I refer?
As many as you like.
How will you send me my $100?
Paypal, venmo, ACH, or whatever is easiest for you.