Some very nice and barely prompted things people have said about IC…

Streamlines the process to ensure we deliver transparent, on-time statements without spending weeks in an Excel hellhole.

DFA Records

Bridges the gap between artist and label, making for better relationships from the start.


Makes royalty accounting easy and accessible for the little guys.

Really Rad Records

Intuitive and customisable… makes what was once arduous task, simple and straightforward.

PaperCup Music

Been using IC instead of Spreadsheet Hell for a couple years and they’ve built a very cool thing.

Beanie Tapes

Some of the best people I have ever met. If you own a small label… talk to these guys.

Lights and Lines

It has truly been a life saver for our company.


A game changer… Simply put, the equivalent of an extra employee.

Single Lock Records

So happy to have found your company and software.

Dopeski Ent.

Using IC has been an absolute life saver… It has greatly impacted our label in so many positive ways.

Catapult Recordings

We’ve used both Eddy and Infinite Catalog and decided to stay with IC. Very happy with them.

Hitskope Music Group

Such an easy to use and intuitive system. The onboarding process was great.

Defend Music

Great for Indies just starting out… It has saved me so many times.


Makes label accounting so easy that I am no longer dreading it and actually looking forward to being able to offer bands more frequent accountings.

Refresh Records

…Impressed me not only with its effectiveness but also with its flexibility. What really stood out was their team’s responsiveness and willingness to accommodate our startup needs. It’s rare to find a service that truly understands and meets such specific demands, although many will advertise their willingness to do so.

Bisaria Records

Once we got all our data set up, IC was AMAZING for our royalty calculations… Wow!!! 5 stars for functionality, usability and the value it adds to our processes… Massively grateful to you for the software

Voices Of Today

This team is an absolute life raft.


We spent years searching for something like Infinite Catalog.

We Are: The Guard

Provides a whole new level of transparency that we’re proud of, a significant talking point with potential signees.

Sooper Records

Does the work that we don’t have the time or math skills to do.

Beyond Beyond is Beyond

When you start a label you also need to be an accountant β€” IC does all the heavy lifting.

Whited Sepulchre Records

Pulled us out of the dark ages with new tech and refreshing transparency.

Pack Records

We love the clarity Infinite Catalog gives us, and how easily we can keep track of everything.

Hand in Hive

Helped us see emerging sales patterns in real time, and the transparency has given our artists super valuable insight into their releases.

Fire Talk Records

A treasured resource and completely vital.

Grind Select