Welcome, Friend

Infinite Catalog is an independent royalty accounting software and services company –our mission is to make royalty accounting simpler and more transparent for catalogs and payees alike.

IC was co-founded by a label owner/royalty nerd (Hunter, currently writing in third person) and an artist/programmer (Dev, ever-improving the software) – for the longer version, see The Story of IC.

Together with our amazing team, we have many years of experience as record label owners, artists, managers, royalty accountants, and many other hats regularly worn by our customers. This experience is our most valuable asset – we know what you’re going through because we’ve been through it too, and we want to help. More than anything else, we reckon this is why people say such nice things about our software/service.

A Name You Can Trust

IC has no investors – we’re entirely funded by our customers, and have been profitable since day one (when we didn’t pay ourselves, though we do now). This means we answer only to our customers, their payees, and ourselves.

Who we’re not: big tech, big money, big business. The less of that we allow into our business, the better our business will be for the community it was created to serve. We’re often described as a startup but we just think of ourselves as an independent business, like you probably do, too.

Why Now? (The Big Shift)

An industry-wide shift to simple profit share deals – as opposed to the Kanye-tweet-worthy, 80-page-long deals of old – has been underway for decades.

This “new” profit-share model is uniquely suited to meet the challenges of the modern age, during which transparency and equitable compensation for artists will change from afterthought to prerequisite.

Coupled with the rise of streaming and the explosion of new ways to earn income from music, there are now more opportunities than ever for forward-thinking labels, publishers, managers, and artists who wish to control their own artistic and financial destiny.

You Can Participate

When you sign up for Infinite Catalog, whether as a customer or payee, you are participating in and contributing to the long-overdue shift to a more artist-friendly environment.

The hard-won expertise mentioned above is not exclusive to our staff – it’s regularly informed by the experiences, ideas, and creativity of our customers and the people they work with, which is continually incorporated into our software & services so that the entire community may benefit.

Whether you’re a catalog, a payee, or anyone else, we hope you’ll join us.