Welcome to Infinite Catalog

The Mission

Simplify royalties so you can grow your catalog, keep everyone in the loop, and get everybody paid.

The Big Picture

An industry-wide shift to profit share deals - as opposed to the Kanye-tweet-worthy, 80-page-long deals of old - is underway. This “new” model has been proven in the independent music community for decades and is uniquely suited to meet the challenges of the coming artist-centric, services-focused age, during which transparency and equitable compensation will change from afterthought to prerequisite. Coupled with the rise of streaming and the explosion of ways to earn income from music, there is new opportunity for forward-thinking labels, publishers, managers, and artists who wish to control their own artistic and financial destiny.

Our job is to build the tools and share the knowledge that unlocks these new opportunities so that our customers and their artists can make the transition and thrive in this new age.

You Can Participate

When you sign up for Infinite Catalog, whether as a customer or payee user, you are participating in and contributing to this long-overdue shift to a more artist-friendly environment. The industry expertise mentioned above is not exclusive to our staff - it is continually informed by the experiences, ideas, and creativity of our customers and the people they work with. Every day we learn new ways to apply the net profit share model and improve the processes that surround it, and that knowledge is continually incorporated into our software + service so that the entire community may benefit.

How We Got Started

The company was founded by Hunter Giles and Udbhav Gupta in 2019, but its roots trace back to 2009, when Udbhav’s band (Mr Twin Sister) signed to Hunter’s DIY label (Infinite Best) on a handshake 50/50 deal. In between, Hunter started doing royalty accounting for hire and Udbhav got insanely good at developing software, and they built IC together with the idea that it should work equally well for the catalog *and* the artists. For the full story, check out The Story of IC.

Who We Are, Why We Do This

We are an independent and customer-funded business, built on the lessons and sweat of a decade at the frontlines of the music industry. We're a team of music industry workers and artists doing our best to make a positive impact for the community that has given so much to us. Our collective experience and perspective is our most valuable asset - we know what you’re going through, because we’re going through it too.

Who we’re not: big tech, big label, big money. The less of that we allow into our business, the better our business will be for the community it serves.

We cannot express the gratitude, excitement, and responsibility we feel every day for the opportunity to do this work, which is only just beginning. As the shift to an artist-centric world gains momentum, we will do our best to provide a platform where hard-won expertise and sensible technology can be harnessed for the benefit of all. Whether you’re an artist or a catalog helping them grow, we hope you’ll join us.