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Priced for Everyone

Our flat + % pricing is designed to work for catalogs of all shapes and sizes. Everyone gets every feature, including catalog services, payee access, and unlimited everything — with no per-user fees. All accounts start with a 30 day free trial. No credit card required, cancel any time.


$50 + 2.0% / mo

  • $0 - $10,000 income
  • Every feature


$150 + 1.0% / mo

  • $10,000 - $50,000 income
  • Every feature


$400 + 0.5% / mo

How it works: Every month, we tally up the income added to your account since the previous bill. That amount determines your tier for the month, and your bill is calculated accordingly. You don’t choose the tier, the tier chooses you.

Making over $100k a month? Talk to us with our enterprise hat on.

Every feature, for everyone

Payee Access
Built in from the start, transparency is feature #1.
Catalog Services
Experienced and friendly humans helping you every step of the way.
Catalog Manager
Get royalties done just by organizing your catalog, which automatically updates with your data.
Unlimited Users
Add everyone, and their managers.
Unlimited Artists, Releases, Tracks & Items
When we say Infinite Catalog, we mean it.
Unlimited Data, Importers & Transactions
All your royalties, all in one place (raw file storage included).
Unlimited Payees, Contracts, Ledgers & Splits
No limits on how you can track and split net profits.
Reports and Analytics
Beyond royalties: slice, dice, and analyze the data that comes with your royalties.
Custom Accounting Periods
Publish statements monthly, quarterly, or whenever you’re ready

Billing FAQs

So my bill changes every month? How will I know what to expect?

Correct, your bill adjusts up or down each month, just like your income. You can see how your current bill is progressing via the Billing page in your account.

How does it work in practice?

After signing up via Stripe, you get a payable invoice every 30 days, which you have 15 days to pay. If you don’t pay it after 15 days, the card on file will be automatically charged.

What if I don’t add or have any income in a given month?

Your bill will be just the flat $50.

What if I need to catch up or want to add older income?

All income is treated the same, so it will be tracked alongside any new/current income, and your bill will adjust accordingly. This means you can backfill as much of your data/income as you like.

Will my previous/outstanding balances count as income?

Nope, those get entered as transfers and won’t affect your bill in any way.

What if I get a big sync or an artist/release/track blows up?

If you’d like that income included in your account, your bill will go up accordingly. And if the party ever slows down, your bill will go down accordingly.