Priced to Scale

Our sliding-scale pricing is designed to make IC affordable for catalogs of any size and at any stage, from brand new to decades-deep and everything in between.

Monthly Bill Estimator

See what a bill would be for a given month by entering in an income amount.

How it works:Β  every month, the income added to your account determines your tier, and your software bill is calculated accordingly. The more income you have, the less you pay per dollar.

Monthly Income
% Rate
% Cost
Flat Cost
Monthly Bill

Earning $50k+/month? Want a discount on historic (1+ year old) income? Talk to sales.
Still have questions? Learn more about how we bill.
Sound good? Try it free for 30 days.

IC also helps you scale β€” every catalog gets every feature, amazing support, and unlimited everything.

Onboarding and support
Friendly experts are here to help you and your catalog start & stay streamlined.

Game-changing transparency
Publish balances, statements, and all the data that goes into them.

Unlimited users
Invite every coworker, payee, collaborator, manager, or anyone else.

Time-saving tools
Breeze through cleanup, bundles, compilations, mechanicals, PPD and more.

An Infinite Catalog
Unlimited artists, releases, tracks, items, contracts, payees…

Unlimited importers and storage
All your transactions, all in one place (raw file storage included).

Custom accounting periods
Pay out anyone, anytime, without creating headaches or complexity.

Unlimited ways to split
Simple and flexible contracts let you account for any royalty situation.

Reports and analytics
Simple tools that let anyone with access make data driven decisions.

No β€œDIY, Lite, Pro” β€” just the best

No price jumps between tiers, nothing to upgrade, no restricting features to bigger customers. Just sliding-scale pricing for an ever-improving product that more and more catalogs are switching to.

Built by bootstrappers, priced accordingly

IC was started without outside funding, so we know every dollar matters (hence our product). We intentionally price IC so that it’s affordable for new catalogs and even more affordable as you grow.

What about discounts?

We partner with other music industry organizations to offer discounts that help catalogs get started on IC. We also offer discounts on historic income and for paying upfront β€” to inquire about these please talk to sales.

Leave anytime, no surprises

If you ever want to head elsewhere, we make it easy to export your data. We always want to be your best option, not lock you in.

How do catalogs feel after signing up to IC?


This team is an absolute life raft.


We spent years searching for something like Infinite Catalog.

We Are: The Guard

Provides a whole new level of transparency that we’re proud of, a significant talking point with potential signees.

Sooper Records

Does the work that we don’t have the time or math skills to do.

Beyond Beyond is Beyond

When you start a label you also need to be an accountant β€”
IC does all the heavy lifting.

Whited Sepulchre Records

Pulled us out of the dark ages with new tech and refreshing transparency.

Pack Records

We love the clarity IC gives us, and how easily we can keep track of everything.

Hand in Hive

Helped us see emerging sales patterns in real time, and the transparency has given our artists super valuable insight into their releases.

Fire Talk Records

A treasured resource and completely vital.

Grind Select