🆕 This Week in IC

#1 as in it’s a new post format, we update all the time 😉

🆕 Automatic currency conversions on individually created transactions. IC now automatically applies conversion rates to individually created transactions that are not in the native account currency.

🧑‍🔧New and updated importers this week include Spotify (Merlin), Harry Fox, Downtown Music Publishing, BMI, and Streamcut!

📄 We created a helpful guide to Importer Settings, options available for each importer where you can: 

  • Set Fees to be deducted at import
  • Choose a Default Currency for an importer
  • Separate Items by Territories and Format Groups at import
  • Set the importer’s Cleanup Settings
  • … and more!

📄 We added new docs to the Payee FAQ. There you’ll find answers to questions like: