True Royalty Stories: Rwanda’s Rev Share

Gorillas x revenue share = a tourism boom

Pic by Francesco Ungaro / Pexels

Learned about a fascinating revenue share instance via ye olde 60 Minutes. 

Rwanda’s had a boom of eco-tourism lately, with an increasing number of people willing to pay $1500/person to hang out with the mountain gorillas native to their region. Hotels and services have popped up to round out the experience, with the total sector topping $500m USD in revenues. 

Where does that money go? In part, it’s going directly to the communities neighboring the gorillas’ habitat, via… what for it… a revenue sharing agreement!

This agreement funnels 10% of the revenue – up to $650k USD per community – while giving the communities themselves the decision power on how to use it. So far, they’ve channeled this money into things like new classrooms, new housing, and new marketplaces.

Tourism Revenue Sharing! Somebody tell the NYC Office of Nightlife.