πŸ†• This Week in IC – w/c June 24th

ft. an option for unmapped values for retailers in importer settings and a new importer for Forward Distribution

❗Did you know that every importer has its own importer settings and we justΒ 
created a new one toΒ allow unmapped values for retailer:

IC maps retailer values like “Amazon UK” to “Amazon” to improve the consistency of your data. By default, IC leaves the retailer empty when creating a transaction with an unmapped value. The “Allow Umapped Values for Retailer” checkbox can be enabled in order to use the raw value provided by your data source as the retailer.

Screenshot 2024 06 25 At 11.12.28

πŸ§‘β€πŸ”§ We also created a new importer (and accompanying doc) for Forward Distribution, a distribution platform and charity project.