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All the latest company updates, as well as music industry news and analysis courtesy the royalty nerds at Infinite Catalog.

🎧 LISTEN: Managing Royalties, w/ Other Record Labels

Truth bombs galore

📣🎊Announcing IC Full Service

Your new remote royalties department has arrived

🤝 Integrations in the royalty stack are a win for independents everywhere

Meet a new integration that enables SD royalty data to be automatically directed into a label’s IC account

📣 Announcing our partnership with Secretly Distribution

Finding the sweet spot between efficiency and independence

🆕 Integrations with Secretly Distribution!

Plus additional updates to how you can import SD data in IC

🎊 Announcing lower pricing for smaller catalogs

New lower price, same amazing Infinite Catalog

True Royalty Stories: New Order’s Blue (and very expensive) Monday

We take a look at how New Order lost money on every copy they sold of their iconic single Blue Monday

Assign contracts by format 💿 or region 🌎 in IC!

Different splits for different items, no matter what they are or where they’re from

🖥️ WATCH: “Royalty Accounting For Everyone”

Hunter gives the IC grand tour to the Music Biz crowd

🏅We Made the Music Ally SI:X Finals

Going for gold at a new global showcase for music industry innovators