Announcing the upgraded Catalog Manager!

Helping you build and organize your catalog… faster πŸƒβ€βž‘οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈβ€βž‘οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈβ€βž‘οΈ

Hey there, today we’re thrilled to announce new upgrades to the Catalog Manager!

A core tool in Infinite Catalog, the upgraded version is now live in all IC accounts, and enables a faster & more streamlined experience when building and organizing your catalog, making the all-important task of royalty accounting that much easier. 

What is Catalog Manager?

Catalog Manager works just like a file browser, making it easy to create and organize your Artists, Releases, Tracks, Items, and Contracts. You can even drop in a Spotify URL to automatically create a Release, including artwork, Tracks and metadata.

This also happens automatically when in you ingest data files πŸ™‚

The CM gives you the flexibility to view, analyze, and account your catalog however you like. For example, maybe you’d like to see how the standalone version of a single is performing compared to the album version – the CM lets you keep them separate, even if the track has the same ISRC. Want to combine the two later on? Simply drag and drop to merge the standalone-single into the release version. 

You can also merge releases and artist aliases! 

In the CM it’s also easy to organize your Contracts. Badges make it clear where a contract is missing, and you can apply existing contracts or create new ones with a few clicks. Need to create a pro-rated contract to properly split up a compilation or bundle? The CM has tools for that, right from the same view.

Infinite ways to split!

What’s changed?

Before, the Catalog Manager loaded faster or slower depending on the number of artists, releases, and tracks you had. Now the CM loads up in an instant for everyone, regardless of whether your catalog is brand-new or decades-deep

We’ve also added pagination for Items, aka the metadata-specific buckets that all your transactions live in, so that you can more easily manage them if there are more than a few. 

This upgrade is an obvious win for bigger catalogs, but it also speaks to our commitment to helping small and medium-sized catalogs scale. Since IC costs the same regardless of catalog size, the new Catalog Manager makes it that much easier for every catalog to grow without the growing pains.