📣🎊Announcing IC Full Service

Your new remote royalties department has arrived

Hey everyone, Hunter here, royalty nerd and co-founder of Infinite Catalog. 

“Royalty accounting doesn’t have to be hard” has been our slogan from day one, and our always-improving software and support has been how we make it come true for 185+ catalogs and thousands of payees.

Over the years, though, a lot of folks have told us some version of “I’m desperate for a solution, and the software looks great, but really I just want to delegate royalties to someone I can trust.”

For everyone out there who feels this way, today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our second product: IC Full Service, a remote royalties department for hire.

Expanding on our beloved software, IC Full Service gives small and mid-size catalogs the benefits of having a dedicated royalty accounting department on staff for a fraction of the time and cost.

With IC Full Service, catalogs can:

  • get your royalties brought up to date and catalog onboarded by Infinite Catalog experts.
  • get your catalog and royalties updated every month with the latest transactions, releases, and splits, putting current balances, dashboards, and reports at your fingertips.
  • get your statements created and published to payees at any time, backed up by the team who helped put them together.

Like our software, IC Full Service is priced to scale, making it accessible for catalogs of any size. You can opt-in or out at any time, and there are no additional setup or onboarding costs. Head here to learn more, see pricing, and book a Demo & Discovery call to see how it can work for you.

We created IC Full Service because we’ve been doing royalties long enough to know a few things about the struggle…

Delegating royalties saves time and stress.

The best royalty accounting software in the world still takes time. Learning, onboarding, maintenance, all of that takes time.

Many catalogs are happy to do it themselves (and we love them for it), but for other folks, doing royalties is a stress-inducing, time-stealing hassle. They would rather spend that time and energy helping their artists and releases get heard. Now they can. Everybody wins. 

Keeping royalties current improves your catalog and your payee relationships.

No one wants to be (or get paid by) a black box, but transparency is easier said than done.

When the royalties are kept up to date, everyone can be kept in the loop. And when you give artists access to a platform with regularly updated balances, dashboards, and reports – plus all the data that went into them – you’re adding more value and trust to both sides of the statement.

You feel better, they feel better, the relationship improves, good things happen. It’s the catalog changing magic of top-notch royalty accounting, and now it’s available for hire.

Royalties are perfect for remote and asynchronous work.

IC has been a remote company since day one, and we’ve gotten pretty good at asynchronous work (shoutout Basecamp).

The work of royalty accounting is a perfect match for both, which means catalogs can now get the benefits of a dedicated royalty accounting department, for a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken in the beforetimes.

We’re really good at this.

We’ve been doing service for certain catalogs behind the scenes for years — first for free, then paid by the hour, now ready for the world at a priced-to-scale flat rate. 

We asked catalogs what they liked about service, and they responded with things like “Much less stress!” “Immensely helpful for business reasons, not just royalties” “Our artists love the statements and it saves tons of time and money” “10/10”. 

Royalty accounting doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be your job. With Infinite Catalog you have the technology and our amazing support, and now with IC Full Service you can get experts on staff. Whichever route is best for you and your artists, grab a time and tell us about your situation — we can’t wait to hear from you.