You might have better things to do than royalties — we don’t.
Delegate the work and get a royalty department in your back office pocket for a fraction of the cost, with IC Full Service.

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✨ Every IC catalog gets amazing support — get even more with IC Full Service ✨

📈  Spend more time growing

Even the best royalty software in the world (IC) takes time. We handle the work so you can get back to doing what got you here in the first place.

😌 One less thing to worry about

Work is stressful enough. We make sure the statements are sent on time and the numbers are accurate so you can rest easy (about that at least).

🔮 Transparency made easier

No one likes a black box. When the royalties are kept up to date, everyone can be kept in the loop — we do the heavy lifting, you get the credit.

How Full Service Works


Book a call to tell us about your situation, get a demo, and get paired with a friendly catalogs team member.

Full-Service Setup

We work with you via Zoom, email, or Basecamp to build your catalog and get your royalties up to speed.

Ongoing Maintenance

We keep the royalties up to date and the statements flowing — easily track progress or book a call anytime.

What You Get

🧼 A Fresh Start

We bring your balances up to date in a new IC account, and invite payees and collaborators when you’re ready — if they have questions, we’ll have answers.

📆 Monthly Updates

Every month we add the latest transactions, releases, and splits, so you always have current balances, dashboards, and reports at your fingertips, plus the ability to share them.

🤑 Statements and Payouts

On your schedule we execute workflows to help review and publish statements, answer any payee questions, and assist with payouts.

Statements will be due again soon… future you will be glad you started now.
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What People Say

Some very nice and barely prompted things people have said about IC Full Service…

“Much less stress!”
“This team is amazing.”
“Comforting to know they can deal with anything.”
“A highly valued partner to our label.”
“Immensely helpful for business reasons, not just royalties.”
“The service has been exceptional.”
“Our artists love the statements and it saves tons of time and money.”
“A relief to have them to depend on.”
“They always ask the right questions.”
“Smooth sailing for both artists and labels — 10/10.”

Don’t just take their/our word for it…
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How much does IC Full Service cost?

Like our software, IC Full Service is priced to scale. For catalogs averaging:

The IC Software cost is not included! You can estimate that on the Pricing page.

How do you determine which income tier I’m in?

To start, we take your word for it. After that, we base it on a rolling six month average of your catalog’s monthly income - if your tier changes, we’ll give you a heads up and adjust the monthly IC Full Service fee accordingly.

Is there a free trial for IC Full Service?

There’s a free trial for the IC Software. For IC Full Service, instead of onboarding or setup fees we require the first month paid in advance, but you can always cancel.

Can I opt into or out of IC Full Service at any time?

Yes! You can opt in or out at any time, and continue to use the software yourself (which you can also cancel at any time).

What’s not included?

IC Full Service doesn’t include things like bookkeeping, sending invoices, paying bills, inventory management, accounts receivable, financial advisory services, tax filing or advice, creating or sending tax forms, payroll, or other business management services. Just royalties!

It says “assist with payouts” above… what does that mean?

We’re happy to record the payouts in IC for you, but we can’t initiate the payments themselves. That said we make it as easy as possible for you to do so, and we plan to integrate payments directly into IC in the not-too-distant future.

How often can I book a call?

There’s no set limit, but we ask that you book one call at a time and within our (very reasonable) schedule.

How long does it take for my catalog to be up and running?

Once we’ve been given access to the data and info needed, a typical catalog is up and running in 30 days or fewer.

You made it to the end! There’s only one thing left to do!