🚀 Updates for August 17, 2022

Some new features just landed in IC

🆕 “Transfer payee” transaction filter which allows you to filter by payees directly assigned to transfers 

🆕 Deployed the “No Transactions” label on data imports – empty imports will no longer be flagged as potential duplicates.

🆕 The WooCommerce Importer is now available to all customers – check out this guide if you want to be able to import order data from the platform, as to export this with the required level of detail (orders split in to individual line items, include processing fees etc.), you’ll need to first install the free Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce plugin.

🆕 We’ve also updated the WooCommerce importer to add default payment processor fees for non-Stripe processors – If you use Stripe as your payment processor, make sure to include the “Stripe fee” field in your exports, and the importer will subtract the pro-rated fee from transactions.

🆕 Deployed column and sheet name validation on importer library importers, customers and staff will now see human-readable errors when any mapped columns are missing in the file, or the given sheet name is missing in an excel file for all importer library importers