📣 Announcing our partnership with Secretly Distribution

Finding the sweet spot between efficiency and independence

Infinite Catalog is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Secretly Distribution, one of the leading independent distributors across the music industry.

Through our combined efforts, labels that use Secretly Distribution and Infinite Catalog will now benefit from:

  • Automated data imports: SD royalty files can now be automatically directed straight into IC via an account-specific email.
  • A link between our platforms: the SD Label Manager portal now links directly to IC, so it’s easier to hop from one platform to another.
  • A new-customer discount: SD labels not yet using IC are now automatically entitled to an introductory discount.

More details about the integrations, plus some additional updates about new and existing SD importers, can be found here.

About the partnership, Darius Van Arman, co-CEO of Secretly Distribution, said:

When we got to know the Infinite Catalog team, we were very happy to learn that their principles are aligned with our own. Like us, Infinite Catalog is committed to bringing scale advantage to small and medium-sized labels, so that at a relatively low cost they can have the same caliber of royalty processing capabilities as the biggest music companies. Infinite Catalog are also committed to interoperability, enabling equitable and transparent accounting to artists, and sustaining independence. We are very excited to grow along-side Infinite Catalog and work together with them to support the extraordinary artists and labels in our shared eco-system.

My own PR-friendly quote on the partnership:

This is a small step with big implications. Traditionally, distribution and royalty accounting are either completely siloed from each other or “all in one” — the former makes it harder to track royalties and pay artists, the latter makes it harder for labels to work with the best partners and maximize their catalog’s potential. Integration between the two, on the other hand, is the best of both efficiency and independence, benefiting distributors, labels, artists, and the entire ecosystem. Super grateful to Secretly for their vision, trust, and always putting the independent community first.

We’re also excited about the precedent being set here. In a music industry with 20k+ different income sources and 100k+ new tracks a day, this partnership proves that independent companies can come together to make things easier for catalogs and creators, so that everyone can know what they’re earning, spend more time growing their catalogs, and get everybody paid. More to come.