🎓Announcing IC Live Classes

Friendly, knowledgeable, and live from NYC, LA, Portland, or Nashville


Attention lurkers: starting next week, folks can now learn how Infinite Catalog makes royalties easier and more transparent in a casual, lurk-friendly way, with IC Live Classes.

In the past, we’ve done our fair share of public webinars/demos/walkthroughs, and we’ve always been a little surprised at how many people attend, ask questions, and give us a look afterwards.

But it makes sense! Sometimes you want to put a time in your calendar to check something out, but you’re not quite ready for a 1:1… you want something in-between, where you can sit at the back of the class and maybe learn something or participate, with the option to bail at anytime without ruffling any feathers.

So, we’re now offering two different options for that, alternating every week: a Software Walkthrough, where you can get the grand tour, and an Onboarding Tutorial, where you can see the setup process in action. Both are 25 minutes, and you can submit questions in advance, or of course ask them live – our friendly and knowledgeable crew will be happy to answer. See you in there.