🎊 Announcing lower pricing for smaller catalogs

New lower price, same amazing Infinite Catalog

Smaller catalogs are near and dear to our heart at Infinite Catalog — we started out as one, and you probably did too. IC itself still feels small, but in the past year we’ve essentially doubled our staff, tripled our signups, and continued to improve the software + service itself. We’ve always wanted IC to be more accessible, and given the above, we’re now in a better position to help even more people with royalties.

So today we’re announcing a change that’s been years in the making and months in the planning – lowering our pricing to make IC more affordable for smaller catalogs.

Nothing’s changing about our sliding-scale pricing and how it works: every month, the income added to your account determines your tier, and your bill is calculated accordingly. If your income goes down, so does your bill (all the way to $9/month). The more income you add to IC, the lower its relative cost (like buying in bulk).

And nothing’s changing about IC working the same for everyone – every catalog still gets every feature, amazing support, and unlimited everything, plus help with onboarding.

Here’s what IS changing:

  • the $0-10k tier is now $9/month + 1.9% ($40 and 0.1% lower than before)
  • there’s a new $10k-$20k tier, billed at $49 + 1.5% (0.5% lower than our previous lowest tier)
  • the top tier is now $20k-$50k, and is a familiar $149 + 1% (basically the same as before)
  • catalogs that earn $50k+/month are now eligible for an Enterprise deal (down from $100k+/month)

Here’s the new pricing page in all its glory.

We’re not just making this change for new customers, we’re making it for existing ones too. So an IC customer in the $0-20k/month range is now paying less for an ever-improving product.

How we’re able to do this: in addition to the new hires + an improving product, as more and more catalogs sign up to IC, we get more and more efficient with onboarding and support. The IC Knowledge Base keeps growing and improving, helping both catalogs and creators find answers without having to ask. And since we’re currently an independent & customer-funded business, we have no investors to pay back (or answer to).

The bet here is that by continuing to make tracking and sharing profits, easier, more transparent, and more accessible, more catalogs and creators will be able to work better together, and that everyone, ourselves included, can grow more sustainably as a result. Whether you’re just starting out or decades-deep, we hope you’ll join us.