🆕 This Week in IC – w/c March 25th

ft. crunchtime, payee FAQ updates, a new Light in the Attic importer

⚙️ Our system is experiencing much higher than usual traffic at the moment, resulting in longer processing times that we’re working hard to address. Royalty statement “crunch times” at the end of March and September are when we experience the heaviest traffic so we truly appreciate your patience with us and are hard at work on reducing load times across the board!

⚙️ If you’re a new payee to Infinite Catalog or just receiving a new statement, our new and improved Payee FAQ is a great resource that can answer many of the questions you have, or even questions you didn’t know you had, with regards to your statements, payee dashboard or other processes within a payee account in the system.

Image 1
An example of a payee dashboard in Infinite Catalog

🧑‍🔧We created a new importer for US indie distributor Light In The Attic Distribution, along with new documentation showing you how to bring your data from them in to IC!