🆕 Integrations with Secretly Distribution!

Plus additional updates to how you can import SD data in IC

We’re pleased to announce new integrations with our friends at Secretly Distribution! Here’s a quick look at what’s new, plus improvements to already-existing SD importers, making it easier than ever for you to get your data in and your artists paid. 

First, the integrations:

Automatic Imports via a unique email address

Like a lot of data sources, Secretly delivers royalty data via a monthly email. 

Now, IC catalogs can generate a unique email related to their account, ask the fine folks at Secretly to CC it on their monthly deliveries, and voila, the files will automatically be delivered to their IC account, using the same importers as normal. More than a small time saver, this is a way to know that anytime you’re looking at payable balances in IC, you know that they’re up to date (at least as far as Secretly data is concerned).

Current SD x IC customers can now request access to this feature by emailing their IC rep or support@infinitecatalog.com.

Linking to IC from Label Manager

The SD Label Manager portal will now link directly to IC via a new tile! This makes it easier to hop from one platform to another — if you’re already signed into IC, the link will automatically direct to your account dashboard. 

Additionally, here are updates regarding how IC ingests SD data:

  • new setting to skip Label Credit Rows (000) in Secretly Physical Importer
    This is helpful for anyone who does not want to automatically ingest and manually clean up the 000 credit items in IC data, but rather wants to ingest them as additionals. This can be enabled via Data Imports –> Importers –> Secretly Physical –> Settings (scroll to bottom).
  • new Secretly Neighboring Rights importer
    Around since late last year but never formally announced, this importer is for the SD’s Neighboring Rights (“NR”) income file. If you’ve enabled Secretly Distribution in your account settings, this importer is now automatically appearing as an option in Data Imports. 
  • new items for Master Performance Rights transactions
    Previously, the Secretly Digital importer did not separate out Master Performance Rights from other digital transactions. But since Master Performance Rights are often accounted differently from regular ones, we’ve updated the importer so that they’re grouped together in their own items, making it easier to apply a contract to these items, effectively automating them being accounted in their own way.