Royalty Accounting for Everyone! with Infinite Catalog

WEBINAR: Royalty Accounting For Everyone! with Infinite Catalog
Thurs Oct. 20 | 2pm ET

On Oct 20th we’ll be hosting a webinar called ‘Royalty Accounting for Everyone!’ with our friends from Music Biz, as part of their Fall 2022 ‘Common Ground’ Webinar Series. It’s free and you should definitely come!

If you dread calculating royalties, or just feel like the process could be better… it’s not you, it’s your tools. Join Infinite Catalog co-founder Hunter Giles as he shows how royalty accounting can be simpler, faster, and more transparent for everyone, from the people in charge of the royalties, to those making A&R and marketing decisions, to the artists and managers expecting better than a spreadsheet or PDF statement. Along the way, you’ll learn how better royalty accounting means more opportunity and greater peace of mind for all, and get live answers to your most burning royalty accounting questions.

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